Python for Next Generation Data Analytics

Speaker: Yves J. Hilpisch, Continuum Analytics Europe


Since years, Python is establishing itself step-by-step as a serious competitor in the data analytics arena. With libraries like pandas and powerful tools like the IPython Notebook, Python has already conquered larger parts of the interactive analytics space.

Continuum Analytics works on multiple fronts to further improve Python's positioning.

On the one hand, Continuum works on making Python "Big Data-ready". In this regard, the open source library Blaze offers next generation array capabilities which include among others disk-based, distributed arrays (e.g. of size 500 GB each). With Numba comes a means to dynamically generate hardware-optimized, high performing machine code out of pure Python code.

On the other hand, Continuum offers a new dimension of open, collaborative data analytics and reproducable research with its cloud-based platform

The talk illustrates, in part by specific code examples, what the future of data analytics with Python might look like.